Don't worry, Be Happy!

Welcome to “Happy Club” – a global community centered around mental health, positivity, and mindfulness. To kickoff our launch, we’ve released a limited NFT collection inspired by the happiest animal on the planet that unlocks lifetime perks and benefits within the club 🥳 Mint a Happy Quokka today to gain access!

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As a Happy Quokka holder, you’ll gain lifetime access to our private Discord community, which is loaded with resources and content to level up all areas of your life. Members can also benefit from IRL events, high-level masterminds, and a web 3.0 platform (to be released in 2022) that’ll unlock courses and workshops centered around personal development.


Just like people, no two Happy Quokkas are ever the same. Over 180 assets were hand-drawn and algorithmically compiled to ensure each design is 100% unique! The upbeat designs are a testament to our community’s philosophy of celebrating life and spreading joy. Each quokka can be minted for 1.11 SOL 🤗

Our Roadmap

Happy Club Forums 💛

You can join the club by minting a Happy Quokka before March 19th, while supply lasts. On March 19th, we will burn any remaining supply and lock the collection forever. Until then, our holders can participate in the community and reap all the benefits!

Celebrate International Day of Happiness with Us 😊

On March 20th, we will host a live broadcast and donate 5% of all mint proceeds to mental health organizations (chosen by our community) and 2% toward helping endangered quokkas!

Close Mint, List Collection, & Announce Rarity 💎

On March 21st, we'll list our collection on Magic Eden - a Solana-based marketplace for people to buy and sell NFTs. At the same time we will also announce rarity for the collection including perks and benefits for rare assets.

QuokSwap Launches (Early 2022) 🤝

We're building a custom marketplace where holders will be able to swap their quokkas for a nominal fee. Later in the year, we plan to introduce fractionalization, which will allow holders to sell or exchange certain perks/benefits of their NFT.

Happy Club Summit (Virtual & IRL) 🧠

We're hosting a multi-day conference for holders, starting on World Mental Health Day (October 10th, 2022). The summit will include keynote speeches and workshops from an all-star lineup of influencers and coaches in the personal development space. Get ready to make lifetime connections and expand your mind!

Our Purpose

Happy Club was founded with the belief that true personal growth happens when you lead with intention and vulnerability. 

Therefore, we set out to build a community rooted in genuine connection, where members can participate in thoughtful discussions centered around improving each others’ lives.  

Our goal is to empower our members to live authentically and to the fullest so they can realize their dreams and help others do the same. 

The Team

Steve Howell

Cofounder + Chief Vision Officer
Serial entrepreneur & crypto investor. Founder of Wave Hanson 🌊

Dennis Layden

Head of Marketing & Community
Digital marketer by day, Discord connoisseur by night.

Mariano Musante

Chief Quokka Designer
Veteran designer & concept artist with over 10 years of experience. Art Director at PrimateStudio

Miles Lawson

Graphic Designer + Content Editor
Studying art & technology at University of Oregon.

Alex Escudero

UI/UX Designer + Branding
Studying art & technology at University of Oregon.

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